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Services Offered

Editing: As well as editing all the material published by Polygraphia Ltd we offer an editing service for other authors whether or not we publish their work. We also offer advice and resources to help authors who are not sure how to proceed. Our editing service includes writing comments and suggestions for authors.

Manuscript Assessment: Dr Calum Gilmour is a Member, New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors. We offer a manuscript assessment service for authors at various stages in the preparation of their manuscript. We also offer help and advice about submitting to Publishers.

Copywriting: We will write copy for advertising purposes; for reports; for company and personal profiles; for CV's. We will write letters for clients. We will write copy for inclusion on web sites and edit existing copy. We spend time with clients to ascertain exactly what it is they want to communicate. We are willing to supply drafts and work with clients to develop the final document.

Personal Profiles and Company Profiles: We will interview individuals and write up a profile based on the information from the interview. In the case of companies, we will visit the company, interview partners, associates and key staff and write a draft company profile from the information obtained. We will present the profile/handbook/leaflet in draft form and discuss changes. We will then proceed to produce the final version. We will take any photos that are required and adjust and include these in the printed version.

Printing: We offer digital output in b/w and full colour. We have a two Canon digital printers.  We specialise in small run material. We store clients' files and can reprint on demand.  For large jobs we work with printers who have larger machines and with offset printers. We also offer large format printing up to A1 on our 12 colour Canon iPF6100. We are happy to quote for your print job.

Binding: We can offer most binding styles from saddle stitching to perfect binding to hard cover binding.  We work with our clients to determine the best binding method for a particular job.

Publishing: We publish work that is of a good standard.    We have our own block of ISBN's and can assign an ISBN to all our publications.The terms under which an author's work can be published by Polygraphia Ltd are a matter of discussion and negotiation in each case.  We like to encourage authors and will do all we can to bring their work to publication in a formal sense.  We recognise the difficulty many less well known authors have in getting their work published; our policy is to work with authors in a personal way that is not possible for the larger publishers.

Photography: We have travelled widely and have a large collection of photographs of historical sites and artefacts as well as scenery from many countries including New Zealand.  We can supply photographs for the publications we produce in many cases. We also scan and prepare clients' photographs for publication or preservation. We have scanners of high quality from which we can scan prints, negatives, slides and APS film. We can import digital files and prepare them for publication in print or on the internet. We are expert at dealing with old photos and making the best of poor quality photos. We will also take photographs on behalf of clients for inclusion in publications.

Family Histories: We have put many Family Histories together for clients.  We will take material which has been gathered and edit and expand it as necessary.  We will prepare and place the photos appropriately.  We will also do the Family Tree and Descendant Charts as desired.  We work with clients to make sure the outcome is as they wish. Please contact us if you would like to talk about your Family History, or if you would like our leaflet on how to go about your Family History publication.

Academic Publications: We are well placed to publish academic papers, journals and theses. These generally attract a comparatively small market. Our personal academic experience and our type of output make us ideal for such work. We can help those presenting theses to set their work out in an acceptable format and we will print it digitally and have it bound as required by the University regulations.

Costs: Our editing and layout work is charged by the hour, as is the photographic work. We quote each job individually and discuss costs with the client at the outset and monitor these as we go.

Personal Service: We are willing to talk with clients and prospective clients and help them to develop their work, whatever form it takes. We do not charge for initial consultation. Polygraphia Ltd is small enough to offer a personal service at all stages - yet we are sufficiently experienced and well enough equipped to produce a high class result.  Feel free to ring and talk to us if that is appropriate; those further afield are welcome to email us and we will give you a personal response.

We take pride in the standard of our preparation and presentation. We aim to help the client convey the message they intend in an attractive and effective form. We have up to date technology for all aspects of our work and we feel real satisfaction in completing jobs well.







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