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Published by Polygraphia Ltd

A Pilgrim in Turkey: Visiting Classical and Early Christian Sites

Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN: 978-1-877332-48-7
Price: NZ$25.00

For more information about this book and detail of its contents, and to buy on line, please follow this link.


Church and State in the Post-Colonial Era: The Anglican Church and the Constitution in New Zealand

Author: Noel Cox
ISBN: 978-1-877332-60-9
Price: NZ$65.00

To see more information about this book, and/or to buy on line, Please follow this link.

Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity: Henry D A Major, The Face of Anglican Modernism
Authors: Clive Pearson, Allan Davidson, Peter Lineham
ISBN 1-877332-19-4
Price: NZ$48.00 plus postage

For details of this book and the authors, and to buy on line, please follow this link.


An Excellent Recruit: Frederick Thatcher, Architect, Priest and Private Secretary in Early New Zealand
Author: Margaret Alington
ISBN 978-1-877332-44-9
Price: NZ$60.00 plus pack and freight

For further details about this book, and/or to buy the book, Please follow this link.


A Kindly Christian Gentleman: William Garden Cowie, Bishop of Auckland 1869-1902
Author: Frank Wright
ISBN 978-1-877332-42-5
Price: NZ$55.00 plus pack and post

For further details about the book, and to buy, please follow this link.


Moore of Glenmark: The Richest Man in the Land
Authors: David Gee with Herbert Farrant
ISBN 1-877332-39-9
Price: NZ$35.00

For further details of this book and to buy, please follow this link.



Rocks in My Head: Memoirs of a Geologist

Author: Don P Watson
ISBN 978-1-877332-53-1
Price: NZ$38.00

Rocks in My Head is an account of Don Watson’s life as a geologist. Three groupings of his experiences are portrayed: his New Zealand student years where he supported himself through a degree; his working years mainly in remote parts of Australia and finally his years lecturing in engineering geology.
The style is descriptive and humorous to the point of piquancy. Bizarre anecdotes are offered about colourful characters in the mining world. In contrast the book dedicates itself in part to Don’s problem with his ‘black dog’ as Churchill put it. The title of the book accommodates the problem he carried as a bipolar and the discrimination he copped at times from some of his employers. Despite all this he has constantly made progress as a professional.
This is a chronologue which embraces the delights and pains of the author’s employees and contractors in a number of contrasting locales. For example the parochialism of Broken Hill versus the pioneering at Jervois Range, Northern Territory, or the grunt of the giant Mt Isa versus the pathos of Herberton, Queensland. The author guides the reader with lucid maps to his localities whilst photographs and caricatures illustrate many events. In the description of situations in which he was involved he invariably takes a neutral role in relating the feelings or spirits of the occasions. Don was lucky enough to meet up with half a dozen of Australia’s most notable 20th century prospectors and he captures their heights in their own words.
Finally we get the recounting of the highs and lows of casting pearls of wisdom to civil engineering students in the technical education establishments of Auckland.

This book is available from Polygraphia Ltd. For further information and to buy using our secure facility, please follow this link.


Competence and Commitment: Getting the best from your Team

Authors: Lee Astridge and Caroline Britton
ISBN 978 1 877332 58 6
Price: NZ$27.00

Getting the people dynamic right in any workplace or team environment is critical for success. Recognising the best management style to help each individual contribute to their fullest potential is vital.

Competence and Commitment - Getting the best from your Team will help managers and leaders, whether they are on the factory floor, in the boardroom, or managing a sports team, to do what needs to be done to improve the performance of their people.

Styled as a story, Competence and Commitment defines the types of people you will find in most working environments. There will always be Kimberleys, Ryans, Sams, Helens and Tonys. Using the Competence and Commitment four-quadrant model you can improve their performance and your own.

Checklists throughout the book outline the ‘how to’ of each style to make implementation easy.

Both new managers and those who have been in their position for some time will find this book a valuable management resource.

This book is available from Polygraphia Ltd. For further information about the book and the authors, and/or to buy the book using our secure facility, please follow this link.


Twenty-Four Hours with God: Rediscovering the Sabbath
Author: Ritchie Way
ISBN 978-1-877332-59-3
Price: NZ$25.00 plus p&p

The rush of  the modern world and our distance from the origins of Christianity have clouded the great blessings of keeping the Sabbath Day as a day of rest and refreshment, and spiritual focus.  Ritchie Way begins his message with an exposition of some of the references to the Sabbath in early Christian literature, and then moves to a consideration of the Sabbath within the Ten Commandments.  Jesus and the Sabbath, the Holy Spirit and the Sabbath, and the Sabbath as covenant and sacrament are explored.  Ritchie Way then moves to practical advice for modern Christians on how the Sabbath is best observed.  The advice given is practical, moderate and sensible.  This is a book for all those who take the Sabbath seriously – and for those who do not.

This book is A5 size (210x147mm), 96 pages, greyscale illustrations, Index.

Ritchie Way is Executive Editor for the Good News Unlimited magazine.  He has served as a church pastor in New Zealand and Australia, and as a missionary and Church administrator in Papua New Guinea.

This book is available from Polygraphia Ltd. For further information about this book and the author, and/or to buy using our secure online credit card facility, please follow this link.





The Twigs of My Tree
Author: Ian Stewart
ISBN 1-877332-33-X
Price: NZ$35.00

For further details and to buy, please follow this link.



Uncommon Enemy
Author: John Reynolds
ISBN 1-877332-37-2
Price: NZ$30.00

For further details and to buy, please follow this link.


Writing Your First Novel
Author: John Reynolds
ISBN 1-877332-36-4
Price: NZ$20.00

For further details and to buy this book, please follow this link..


A Postcard from Te Aroha
Author: Kevin Wells
ISBN 1-877332-11-9
Price: $34.95 inclusive of GST

For further details and to buy this book, please follow this link.


Seventy-Five Years on Two Wheels
Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 0-9582211-9-7
Price: $38.00  inclusive of GST

For further details about this book and to buy, please follow this link.


Warrior King to Great King

Author: Raewyn Gilmour
 Polygraphia Ltd in May 2003.
ISBN 1-877332-06-2
Price: NZ$30.80 inclusive of GST

For further details about this book and to buy, please follow this link.


The City of Athena: A Companion for Classical Studies Students

Author: Raewyn Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-43-2
Price: NZ$35.00

For further details about this book and to buy, please follow this link


A Life of Faith on Land and Sea: Memories of Robert P Cook

Author: Robert P Cook
ISBN 978-1-877332-52-4
Price: NZ$60.00

Bob Cook joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17 in 1937.  As a Boy Second Class he qualified as a Signal Boy and on attaining 18 years became an Ordinary Signalman.  Bob relates his experiences at the Naval Training establishments and on to his wartime experiences as a signalman.  He saw service on a number of different vessels, preferring smaller ones to the impersonal atmosphere of the large cruisers and destroyers.  Bob tells the story of minesweeping, of escort duty in the frozen Russian convoys, and of service in the Mediterranean.  The move to peace time naval duties was very different and the readjustments needed were considerable.  When Bob was due for discharge from the Royal Navy he responded to an advertisement for experienced senior ratings due for discharge from the Royal Navy to join the New Zealand Navy and serve for a further period.  By this time he was a Chief Petty Officer.  Bob and his family made New Zealand their permanent home.

The book is available on request to the publisher. Please go to Contact Us on main menu.


No Absolutes No Regrets: Dear Nicholas, My story

Author: Jack Riddell
ISBN 978-1-877332-51-7
Price: NZ$60.00

This is Jack Riddell’s autobiography, written at the request of his eldest Grandson Nicholas.  Jack relates his origins and education at Seddon Memorial Technical College in Auckland.  As a young man he was a deeply committed pacifist and spent time in prison and detention during the earlier parts of WW2.  There was a gradual realisation that for him pacifism was too absolute and he came to see that ethics were not so black and white as he had thought.  He applied to join the army and later in Italy won the Military Medal.

After the war Jack worked as an engineer before opening his own business.  In this capacity he was a pioneer in the manufacture of stainless steel yacht components in his premises on the Rosebank peninsula in West Auckland.  Jack also tells us the story of his family life and describes the way in which his change from pacifist to soldier affected his parents and sisters.  His account ends with a discussion of the moral basis for his life as he looks back on his experiences and the development of his beliefs.  The title reflects his rejection of his earlier absolutist views.


Dancing with Delight: Footprints of the Past. Dance and Dancers in early Twentieth Century Auckland

Author: Cherie Devliotis
ISBN: 1-877332-25-9
Price: NZ$44.95

For further information about this book and to buy, please follow this link.





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