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From Polygraphia Ltd


Aeneas Son of the Goddess: A Companion to the Aeneid by Raewyn Gilmour.

Price: NZ$40.00 retail. A discounted price is offered to schools and trade - please contact us by email or phone - 09 416 1437

ISBN 978 1 877332 61 6

About the Book:

The Aeneid is Virgil’s masterpiece. It is an intricate and complex epic which is to be read on several levels. This book is designed to assist students to read the whole work. It will help them to appreciate the way in which Virgil has structured his epic poem and how the repeating motifs add colour and interest for the reader.

The book will also assist students to extend their own study of the strengths and weaknesses of both the humans in the story and the gods on Mt Olympus and to form their own opinions and conclusions. They will gain an appreciation of Virgil’s version of the foundation story of Rome.

The geographic emphasis in the photographs and illustrations has been planned to encourage students to visualise the locations of the events and thus be assisted in their understanding of the material in Virgil’s story of ‘Aeneas, son of the goddess’ as he moves from east to west.

Raewyn Gilmour is an experienced teacher of Classical Studies in New Zealand schools.

For further information and/or to buy the book, please follow this link.



Qaravi Na'i Tavi, They Did Their Duty: Soldiers from Fiji in the Great War, by Christine Liava'a

Price: NZ$120.00
ISBN 978 1 877332 62 3

At the beginning of the Great War 1914-1918, Lord Kitchener put out a call to arms to the British Empire. Fiji, a small colony in the South Pacific, responded disproportionately to its size, with over 1100 of the European population of approximately 4000 serving overseas and in home service. Some were born and bred in Fiji, others from Britain, Australia and New Zealand, were living and working there. The indigenous Fijians were also involved; the Fiji Labour Corps served in Europe in 1917 and 1918. This book provides a full listing of all these people, with genealogical and military details, and historical information concerning the war service of the Fiji Platoon of the King’s Royal Rifles Corps, which many joined. Others enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, and a few in the French, South African, Canadian, and American forces.

All awards received by the soldiers and nurses, documents such as letters from the soldiers, and many photographs are included in this volume.

Christine Liava’a has produced a valuable source of information about individuals and families in Fiji, which will be of great interest both to genealogists and military historians, as well as others with connections to the people of Fiji.

For more information about the book, and/or to buy the book, please follow this link.


Competence and Commitment is a new book in a new series, 4 Life 4 Business. The book is now available from the Publisher, Polygraphia Ltd, or from the authors.

Competence and Commitment clearly defines the types of people you will find in most team environments and then shows you how to maximise their performance.

‘Effective management of people is the hallmark of all great leaders. This book creates a point of reflection and a chance to work on how you manage your most vital asset, your people - the face of your brand and organisation’.
Annah Stretton - Designer, Publisher, Entrepreneur

‘This short book is an easy worthwhile read that uncovers some profound truths. I commend it to managers who know they must utilise all the talents of their organisation to do better. It’s a good read as well as a useful tool for success’.
Mike Moore - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Former Director of the World Trade Organisation.

Price: NZ$27.00 plus pack and post

For full details of the book and the authors, and/or to buy the book using our secure facility, please click on this link.

Rocks in My Head by Don P Watson is now available from Polygraphia Ltd.

The book tells the story of Don's life as a geologist in NZ and Australia. It is well told and of great interest. It is also a personal story about how Don coped with bipolar syndrome and battled depression - and overcame it. Don has a great sense of humour and the narrative is often very amusing.

For further details, and/or to buy this book using our secure facility, please follow this link. Price: NZ$38.00, plus pack and post.


Twenty-Four Hours with God by Ritchie Way could be described as a meditation on Sabbath observance and an exploration of the biblical basis for the Sabbath.

The rush of  the modern world and our distance from the origins of Christianity have clouded the great blessings of keeping the Sabbath Day as a day of rest and refreshment, and spiritual focus.  Ritchie Way begins his message with an exposition of some of the references to the Sabbath in early Christian literature, and then moves to a consideration of the Sabbath within the Ten Commandments.  Jesus and the Sabbath, the Holy Spirit and the Sabbath, and the Sabbath as covenant and sacrament are explored.  Ritchie Way then moves to practical advice for modern Christians on how the Sabbath is best observed.  The advice given is practical, moderate and sensible.  This is a book for all those who take the Sabbath seriously – and for those who do not.

Ritchie Way is Executive Editor for the Good News Unlimited magazine.  He has served as a church pastor in New Zealand and Australia, and as a missionary and Church administrator in Papua New Guinea.

Price: NZ$25.00 plus p&p

For further details about this book, or to buy it securely on line, please follow this link


A Life of Faith on Land and Sea is an autobiography. Bob Cook saw many years of service in the Royal Navy as a signalman. On release from the RN he joined the NZ Navy, again as a signalman. Bob saw service in WW2. He tells an interesting story which will be a great interest to all interested in the sea.

For further details, see the entry on the New Zealand Books page


Jack Riddell was a pacifist as a young man. During WW2 he was incarcerated. Over time his views changed and he volunteered for army service. He tells of his years in prison and subsequent service in Italy where he won the Military Medal. After the war Jack was a pioneer in the engineering business, specialising in yacht fittings. Jack has written his story as a response to his grandson's request as the title indicates.

For further details, see the entry on the New Zealand Books page


A Pilgrim in Turkey: Visiting Classical and Early Christian Sites, 2nd Edition

Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-48-7
Price: NZ$25.00

This enlarged and revised edition has many illustrations in colour and greyscale and a description of the sites in Turkey of interest to Christians travelling there and to Classicists.

For further information, and to purchase the book, please follow this link.



Polygraphia Power Point Series:

The City of Athens - 103 slides on CD with book explaining each slide.
Rome - 123 slides on CD with explanatory book.
Greek Sculpture - 75 frames.
Pompeii and Herculaneum, 60 frames

For a detailed description and directions for purchase, please click this link.


Large Format Posters: 

Greece and Rome Series

A series of A1 and A2 posters are available with scenes from Greece and Rome. These beautiful and durable posters are designed for classroom use or for display on special occasions such as Parents' Night.

For examples and detail of subjects, please click this link.

Pompeii and Herculaneum Series, please follow this link.

Laminated A3 Posters - This series has been completely revised and reissued for 2008. The posters under this heading are also available in large format.

To view, please follow this link.

The City of Athena: A Companion for Classical Studies Students,
Raewyn Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-43-2
Price: NZ$35.00

For further information about this book and to BUY NOW,
Please click on this link


Large Format Prints

High quality prints of New Zealand scenes are available. These are best printed on canvas in A2 or A1 size; however they also look lovely as posters printed on 230gsm matte poster paper.

To view a selection of images from various parts of NZ, please follow this link.

An Excellent Recruit: Frederick Thatcher, Architect, Priest and Private Secretary in Early New Zealand,
Author: Margaret H Alington, with Architectural Assistance from William H Alington
ISBN 978-1-877332-44-9
Price: NZ$60.00, plus pack and post/freight.

To see further details about this book and/or to buy the book, Please follow this link.


Peter and Alex, A Graphic Novel
Author: Alex Shinae Oh

ISBN: 978 1 877332 55 5
Price: NZ$58.00, plus pack and post


To see further details about the book and the author, please follow this link.










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