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A Pilgrim in Turkey: Visiting Classical and Early Christian Sites, 2nd Edition 2007
Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 0-9582121-3-9

100 pages, including illustrations and diagrams in full colour and greyscale, Bibliography and Index.

This book is designed as a guide to the background and history of many ancient sites in modern Turkey from Istanbul down the Aegean seaboard, to Antalya and up to Pisidian Antioch and into Cappadocia. An essential guide for anyone making a pilgrimage in Turkey.

For a full description of the book, please follow this link.




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Stating what we Believe: The Development of the Creeds in the Early Church
Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-54-8
Price: NZ$25.00

68 pages, A5 size, colour illustrations.

This small book arose to fill the needs of those training for local ministry and includes material prepared for a group of Pilgrims visiting Turkey and places like the ancient Nicaea. It is a brief but useful and readable summary of the way in which theology and doctrine developed in the early centuries of the Christian Church. The chapters cover the way the definitions of faith emerged, the early heresies and the councils of the Church. Helpful for those who want to know more about Christian Faith and as an introduction to Christian doctrine.




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The Canon of Faith: An Illustrated Journey to Christian Definition
Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-47-0
Price: $25.00 includes CD and book.

This publication includes a CD on which there is a Power Point presentation of over 70 frames. The presentation takes viewers through the historical process by which the ideas and values developed which influenced the emergence of the Creed and the Canon of Scripture in early Christianity. Some importance is given to the contribution of the Emperor Constantine and the emergence of Christianity as the state religion. The definition of the Canon of Scripture was a part of this process.

The book contains full notes relating to each frame. The material is suitable for study by those engaged in or training for community based ministry or for adult study groups.



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Church and State in the Post-Colonial Era: The Anglican Church and the Constitution in New Zealand.

Author: Noel Cox
ISBN: 978-1-877332-60-9
Price: NZ$65.00, plus p&p

This book is an exploration of some aspects of the basis of the legal authority of the Church, as a tool in exploring the relationship of church and State in a post-colonial world. It takes as its particular example the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, but examines issues and concepts which have a much broader, indeed universal, relevance. The Anglican Church in New Zealand is a part of the universal Christian church, and as such the issues which face it, although in some respects unique, are echoed throughout the rest of God’s earth, to a greater or lesser degree. The study is especially important at a time when the law may prove of benefit in helping to resolve seeming intractable differences in the Anglican Communion.




Twenty-Four Hours with God: Rediscovering the Sabbath
Author: Ritchie Way
ISBN 978-1-877332-59-3
Price: NZ$25.00 plus p&p

The rush of  the modern world and our distance from the origins of Christianity have clouded the great blessings of keeping the Sabbath Day as a day of rest and refreshment, and spiritual focus.  Ritchie Way begins his message with an exposition of some of the references to the Sabbath in early Christian literature, and then moves to a consideration of the Sabbath within the Ten Commandments.  Jesus and the Sabbath, the Holy Spirit and the Sabbath, and the Sabbath as covenant and sacrament are explored.  Ritchie Way then moves to practical advice for modern Christians on how the Sabbath is best observed.  The advice given is practical, moderate and sensible.  This is a book for all those who take the Sabbath seriously – and for those who do not.

This book is A5 size (210x147mm), 96 pages, greyscale illustrations, Index.

Ritchie Way is Executive Editor for the Good News Unlimited magazine.  He has served as a church pastor in New Zealand and Australia, and as a missionary and Church administrator in Papua New Guinea.






Sacraments, Sacramental Life,Sacramental Ministry
by Calum Gilmour
ISBN 0-9582121-6-3
93 pages, A4 size, Bibliography and Index.
This book provides an introduction to the meaning of 'sacrament' within its wider context. Then there are chapters on all 7 Christian Sacraments. There is a particular emphasis on the relationship between sacraments and ethics. Questions for discussion and study are provided throughout.

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The Sound of the Gospel: A Preaching Handbook
by Calum Gilmour
ISBN 0-9582056-5-5
70 pages, A4 size, Bibliography and Index.
This is a companion volume to that on the Sacraments listed above. There are chapters on the Philosophy of Preaching, the History of Preaching, Theological Terms, Types of Sermons, Using the Scriptures in Preaching and Methodology. The treatment is both theoretical and practical and represents the distillation of the author's long experience as a preacher and listener.

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