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Qaravi Na'i Tavi

They Did Their Duty

Soldiers from Fiji in the Great War

by Christine Liava'a

Price: NZ$120.00, plus pack & post

ISBN 978 1 877332 62 3

The Author, Christine Liava'a.

Christine Liava'a is a New Zealander married to a Tongan. Her interests are the history and the peoples of the Pacific region.She is a longstanding member of the NZ Genealogical Society and founder of the Pacific Islands Interests group, She has previously published a series of booklets containing lists of people involved in various events in the Pacific area, and intends to produce more.


About the book:

At the beginning of the Great War 1914-1918, Lord Kitchener put out a call to arms to the British Empire. Fiji, a small colony in the South Pacific, responded disproportionately to its size, with over 1100 of the European population of approximately 4000 serving overseas and in home service. Some were born and bred in Fiji, others from Britain, Australia and New Zealand, were living and working there. The indigenous Fijians were also involved; the Fiji Labour Corps served in Europe in 1917 and 1918. This book provides a full listing of all these people, with genealogical and military details, and historical information concerning the war service of the Fiji Platoon of the King’s Royal Rifles Corps, which many joined. Others enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, and a few in the French, South African, Canadian, and American forces.

All awards received by the soldiers and nurses, documents such as letters from the soldiers, and many photographs are included in this volume.

Christine Liava’a has produced a valuable source of information about individuals and families in Fiji, which will be of great interest both to genealogists and military historians, as well as others with connections to the people of Fiji.


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