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Columns at Pergamon

Welcome to the website of Polygraphia Ltd.

We are a small publishing company situated in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in the writing and publication of material about the ancient world & content downloads. You can check tugaflix.club to get an idea of our work. This site features portugal downloads. We prepare and publish family histories. Some of our books have an interest in Christianity and the Bible. We offer publication to some New Zealand authors. We are small enough to provide personal service but at the same time we are well equipped to produce quality publications.

The two pictures on this page connect with our work. At the top is the library of Celsus at Ephesus; the written word has been valued since early times. Below are some columns at Pergamon. They reach upward and have a certain mystique. The ancient world is of great interest and can do much to help us understand our own times. Polygraphia Ltd would like to be part of this process.

Please click on the headings at the left and explore what we have to offer. We hope you will enjoy the experience. You can buy with confidence through our secure server.

To view our Classical Studies Catalogue for 2009:

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This catalogue contains all our Polygraphia resources for schools and university teaching.

In addition it lists key resources from other publishers which may be purchased through Polygraphia Ltd.

We are your one stop shop for Classical Studies.




Son of the Goddess

A Companion for The Aeneid

by Raewyn Gilmour

Price: NZ$40.00

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Qaravi Na'i Tavi

They Did Their Duty

Soldiers from Fiji in the Great War

by Christine Liava'a

Price: NZ$120.00

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We recently travelled to Sicily on a study trip to photograph sites of historical and literary interest. A small selection of our photos is displayed on this site.

To see the pictures, please follow this link.

We can make copies for you and instructions on how to order are included at the bottom of the page of pictures.


Ten New Charts for Classical Studies,
A1 and A2 size in full colour

Four Greek topics including Rise and Fall of Athens; Athenian Acropolis; Comedy Structure, and Greek Theatre.

Four Roman topics including Building; House Plans with examples; House of Mysteries; Altar of Peace.

Two 'cross-over' posters, G&R Primary Sources and G&R Chronology.

To view the Charts, please follow the Link - CHARTS



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