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Living to God: A Disciple's Ethic

Author: Calum Gilmour PhD
ISBN 978-1-877332-74-6

Where can moral direction and moral certainty be found in a secular...

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A Pilgrim in Turkey: Visiting Classical and Early Christian Sites

Second edition 2007
Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 9781877332487

About this Book
This is a new edition...

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Stating What We Believe: The Development of the Creeds in the Early Church

Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-54-8

68 pages, A5 size, colour illustrations.

This small book arose to fill...

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The Canon of Faith: An Illustrated Journey to Christian Definition

Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-47-0
Price: $30.00 includes CD and book.

This publication includes a CD on which there is...

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The Acts of Paul and Thecla: Itroduction, Notes and English translation

Translation and Notes: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 978-1-877332-67-8

The legend of Paul and Thecla was immensely popular in the early...

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An Excellent Recruit: Frederick Thatcher, Architect, Priest and Private Secretary in Early New Zealand

Author: Margaret H Alington, With Architectural Assistance from William H Alington
ISBN 978-1-877332-44-9


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Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity: Henry DA Major, The Face of Anglican Modernism

Authors: Clive Pearson, Allan Davidson, Peter Lineham
248 pages with bibliographies and index
ISBN 1-877332-19-4...

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Homosexuality: Seeking Reasonable Christian Attitudes

Author: Calum Gilmour
ISBN 0958212147

About this book:
The ethics surrounding hosexuality, same sex marriages, gay...

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